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Refugee and asylum seeking children have equal access to the full curriculum, appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude and any special educational needs they may have.If you are a refugee and you need to apply for a school place in Winchester or Hampshire, you can search for a local school here and get information about how to access a school place here 

With regard to schools admissions for Ukrainians arriving via the Homes for Ukraine scheme, we understand that Hampshire County Council are pulling together a welcome pack with details regarding school admissions, in the interim, with regard to school admissions queries, we have been in contact with the local authority and have been advised that people should contact [email protected] for specific advice and guidance.

The local admissions service have advised that hosts/sponsor families need the person with parental responsibility, supported by the host, as necessary, to make an application to a local school (although they are entitled to apply elsewhere) when the family move in. The reason this shouldn’t be done in advance is that any applicant is required to take a place up within four weeks of the offer. Information on how to do this can be found here:

The school will then process the application in line with the process above and advise as to whether they can offer a place. Should there not be a place available the admissions service will support with local school place availability, but in the first instance, when the family arrive, hosts should be encouraging them to make an application.

The Local Authority Ethnic Minority and Traveller Service (EMTAS) may be able to provide additional support. More info about the EMTAS is available here

School admissions and post 16 education

Ukrainian children will be able to attend school and college while they are in Hampshire. Please visit Advice for Ukrainian families seeking school places | Hampshire County Council ( for more information.

Colleges and post 16 training providers are independent of the local authority and are not covered by the schools’ admissions code. For young people aged 16-18 looking to participate in education and training at a local college or training provider, sponsors and families should contact the post 16 institution directly to discuss making an application.

Hampshire County Council can provide support in this process, if required, and this can be accessed by emailing [email protected] For a list of colleges and training providers in Hampshire, please visit  Course: Hampshire Futures Careers Information Service

Adults (aged 19+) are able to access funded English language and adult learning courses offered by local colleges and the County Council. Details of courses are available via the National Careers Service available here.

If you have a specific query related to the Homes for Ukraine scheme that you would like to raise with someone at the local council, please direct any enquiries to [email protected]

School appeals 

Any parent or guardian who has been refused a school place for their child has the right to appeal the decision.

The Independent Appeals Service manages appeals for Hampshire’s community and voluntary controlled schools. For academy, voluntary-aided, foundation and trust schools, appeals are managed by the schools’ own governing bodies.

There is guidance available for appealing a school place.


If you go to the top of the webpage, it is available there as a pdf.

Please note that parents can also request the use of an interpreter during an appeal hearing.

If you would like some additional support with a school appeal then please contact us and we can see if a volunteer is available to assist you.